About Accessible Prophecy

Accessible Prophecy is a ministry that has grown out of St. Thomas’ Church Philadelphia in Sheffield UK (one of the churches in Network Church Sheffield). We also work closely with Catalyse Change, an organisation working with churches to establish missional discipleship.

As a ministry we work around the world with many different streams, denominations and expressions of church.

Accessible Prophecy is led by Cath Livesey, who also oversees prophetic ministry at St. Thomas’.  She has many years experience in teaching people how to hear God’s voice and use the gift of prophecy.

We love prophecy! It’s a wonderful gift from the Holy Spirit that brings life to people and connects us with the heart of our heavenly Father. Through prophecy we can hear His voice, know His guidance and be empowered to step into our destinies. And when a prophetic culture is combined with a missional passion then communities can be radically transformed.

Many churches today are wanting to embrace the prophetic ministry, but have valid questions, such as:

  • How can we grow prophecy but also keep things ‘safe’?
  • How do we demystify the prophetic and make it accessible for everyone?
  • What’s the best way to encourage and release prophetic people?

Accessible Prophecy is all about helping local churches grow a healthy and mature prophetic culture. We run Prophetic Learning Communities, working with church teams from around the country. We offer coaching through huddles. We have also developed some fantastic resources, including The Prophecy Course and the Prophetic Lifestyle Course.

“Cath came and led a fantastic training day on prophetic ministry for our 
ministry leaders.  She brings a wealth of experience in this ministry and 
taught with great wisdom and insight, raising faith and expectation of God
 speaking and equipping people in how to step forward in this ministry. She 
understood the need to create a safe place in order for people to grow and 
many people experienced God speaking to them and through them prophetically.
 If I were looking for someone I could trust to take my church members 
further on in the prophetic I would ask Cath every time.”
 John McGinley, Vicar, Holy Trinity Leicester

Accessible Prophecy is a registered English charity, number 1186574