This blog has been written by Ceri and Simon Harris, leaders of Burlington Baptist church in Ipswich. Ceri leads the
A small group of prophetic people from across the UK and the US have been meeting together to pray and
Did you know that you have prophets in your church? Ephesians 4 make it clear that the ascended Christ has
God is so much better, and so much closer, than we can think or imagine. We may assume that we’ve
As someone who has sought after the voice of God for most of my adult life I know how comforting
As we saw in the previous blog, one way of making sense of the Old Testament prophets is to summarise
The prophets of old are an interesting bunch. Their words are challenging and their behaviour is very strange at times.
Here at Accessible Prophecy we love our coaching huddles! This month I’m training up six new coaches who will soon
If we expect God to speak to us then we’ll probably hear him. If we don’t, then we probably won’t.
In a recent series of blogs we have been exploring the ‘prophetic process’ and considering how hearing God’s voice is